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Utkarshexpress.com, Nidhi Kaushik, a BookTuber from Bhopal has reviewed Ms. Sumeet Gogia’s Books on her YouTube channel “ Nidhi Talks”

Nidhi writes that Sumeet Gogia needs not to write any fictional story to motivate people, she herself is a motivation to others who thinks like quitting at some point of time in their life.

Her life is like a roller coaster ride that had been through many ups and downs, but she never gave up on her fighter spirit, her books are the evidence of Sumeet’s high morale and unique thoughts.

Generally, people call her physically disable but I found her miraculously abled to change other’s perspective and understanding of life. She has written two books and titled them as “Khwahish – a Wish” and another is “The Unwinded Hope – Aashayein”.

In her first Book named “Khwahish”, Sumeet has written 23 poems in english language and she dedicated this book to her parents. All her poems make readers feel to be grateful towards everything they have in their life. Sumeet has written her personal experiences in form of poems and she also dedicated few poems to her closed ones like her grandfather, brother, father and the doctor. The poem I liked the most in this book is “The Journey Within.” Readers also going to enjoy the illustrations along with every poem painted by Sumeet herself. We can call this book as 55 pages of miracle.

Second book is little bit different than the “Khwahish”, This one is about HOPE, and it has English as well as Hindi Poems. In this book, readers can get the feeling of relaxation, consciousness and gratitude. There are 38 poems in this book and most of them lead you towards peace and enlightment. “Looking Beyond” is my favourite poem from this book. Illustration of every poem is very beautiful. Sumeet piant the poetries and write the paintings. I wish Sumeet Gogia abundance of success, love and prosperity because she is God’s special child, who has been sent to create magic and to make this world a better place through her motivational Journey. Looking forward to read more of her beautiful creations in future.

Luck, Love and light  Regards, Nidhi Kaushik
(Nidhi Talks)

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